We have developed our range of “LINTLOCK” hoarding products with the needs of today’s retail fit-out and construction environments in mind.



Each system quickly establishes clean and hygienic customer-facing surfaces and secure work areas. When you see our revolutionary modular systems, you’ll say goodbye to timber, sawdust and paint forever.

LINTLOCK FIRE consists of composite steel-faced fire-safe panelling; this system will offer 1-3 hours fire integrity and insulation.

LINTLOCK’s fire rated hoarding system provides the ideal and necessary protection during retail and construction re-fit works. Our specifically designed fire rated system offers fast installation, bespoke designs and fire rated credibility that also looks attractive to the public and provides the perfect surface for applying vinyl advertising. Our hoarding systems are far quicker to erect and dismantle than traditional methods, with much less mess. We also ensure that the system is completed to fire specifications without leaving anything to chance.

The mineral wool-filled LINTLOCK FIRE panels slot together easily with a tongue and groove fixture, providing quick installation and project delivery. Our panels are either free standing or held in line by floor and ceiling channels.

Lintlock finished project


  • Simple fast installation – no paint, sawdust or mess
  • Stable and safe – withstands pedestrian impact
  • Reconfigurable – relocate and reconfigure, ideal for staged refurbishment
  • Hygienic – easily cleanable chemical & bacteria resistant components
  • Superior thermal insulation – minimise temperature loss
  • Screens noisy processes – excellent acoustic performance
  • Fire-rated – to BS476-22 and LPS1208, surface spread of flame to BS476-6 & 7 Class 0


Eco-friendly formulation – LINTLOCK PVC panels are extruded with 85% recycled plastic content, can be re-used many times and recycled again at the end of their useful life. The panels are just 500mm wide providing a far greater flexibility compared to other plastic hoardings and are available in a range of sizes up to 5m.

LINTLOCK NON-FIRE PVC offers a high quality, economical, temporary screen for building works in public areas.
Our plastic PVC hoarding is a temporary, self-supporting modular system. Our simple and assured system comprises of panels that click together with a simple tongue and groove fixture. This system is light for handling, easy to clean, with a tough, rigid construction.

LINTLOCK PVC is effective, fast, and clean to install. These panels can be moved around easily and reconstructed to suit changing phases – ideal for tenanted/occupied refurbishment works.

LINTLOCK PVC features and benefits:

  • Quick, clean installation – no paint, sawdust or mess
  • Self-supporting – freestanding system
  • Stable and safe – Systems have been tested for stability
  • Reconfigurable – easily relocated, perfect for phased refurbishment
  • Attractive and hygienic – creates a clean and bright environment
  • Smooth surface – Ideal for adding notices, graphics and branding
  • Food safe – easy clean chemical & bacteria resistant components


LINTWALL is an innovative fire protection product which is recognised by the fire authorities and insurance companies.

Built around the latest steel-faced composite panels with non-combustible mineral fibre cores, LINTWALL offers advanced reliable walling systems that fully protect complete premises and their contents.

We offer the complete fire rated solution incorporating fire rated walls, ceilings and doors, and divisional fire curtain above. LINTWALL bespoke fire walling packages cover all aspects of junctions and penetrations, sealed using approved materials, which fully meet all clients’ fire protection requirements in a variety of industries.

Our evolutionary system replaces jumbo stud and block walling. Faster to install, our products are more aesthetically pleasing and completely demountable for re-use or re-configuration. Our installs come with fire rated enclosures providing 1-3 hour integrity and insulation throughout.

Suitable for use with:
Cold stores
Data centres and stores
Clean rooms and distribution centres
Pharmaceutical and research facilities
Food and meat processing factories
Retail and commercial facilities



External Site Hoarding for Construction and Works

LINTLOCK SITE external hoarding system offers many benefits to all nature of sites. The system ensures an attractive, robust hoarding giving all sites a secure segregation between the works and the public.

Our freestanding external hoardings give sites a complete package with an ongoing relationship throughout the term of a project. Our fully designed and tested systems are non-intrusive, leaving sites exactly as they were originally.

Compared to traditional hoarding methods, LINTLOCK Systems have the following advantages:

  • Secure hoarding tested to specific wind bearings
  • Attractive finish to the hoarding, without the requirement to finish or maintain the hoarding throughout the contract works
  • Flexible system copes with different ground levels
  • Freestanding structure ensures no ‘making good’ is to be carried out after the removal
  • Perfect surface for the application of vinyl for advertising and branding
  • Recyclable at the end of their life all of LINTLOCK’s components are completely recyclable

Bespoke Services

In addition to our standard systems, we offer a completely bespoke service which includes semi-permanent structures for a multitude of purposes. Designed to have a much longer life, we offer onsite consultation with one of our experienced and qualified design surveyors to map out and establish your construction needs.

Lintlock Site Hoarding