Linton Hoarding Solutions (Lintons) can handle all aspects of your project, from designing the artwork to full installation of the hoarding panels.



Lintons have a vast amount of experience within the installation industry, right from the design and production process through to the installation. This enables us to offer a Survey service to our customers regardless of the scale of the project.

We fully understand every aspect of the process and can therefore accurately survey premises and advise clients accordingly to ensure that we provide the most cost effective solutions.

We work to Quality Assurance Standards– ISO 9001:2008. To arrange a survey, please call us using the contact details.

Our Environmental Responsibility – ISO 14001:2004

At Linton Hoarding Solutions, we aim to source products that minimise damage to our environment, and install them in a sustainable way. It is our policy to reduce waste, conserve energy and use sustainable sourced products and goods wherever possible. This is further underlined by our commitment to ISO 14001:2004 accreditation for which we are in the process of achieving certification for.

  • Recycling – all our panels are made from recyclable material
  • Re-use – we make special efforts to extend the life cycle of all our products, so there is little need for regular replacements
  • End of life –everything is recycled; we send nothing to landfill
  • Carbon off Setting – all carbon emitted during transportation of our panels from suppliers is offset, so we’re always free to choose the best quality materials available without negative impact on the environment

Safety Considerations

All our products have been chosen with safety in mind, taking into consideration transportation, manual handling and working at height. Our system scores strongly over traditional systems with lightweight, easy to handle panels, modular, lockable weighting system. Our products have also been designed with child safety in mind, with no gaps or rough edges.